7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is often considered serious business, not just because of what it represents but also because of the financial investment that comes with buying a fine jewel ring. Thanks to the artificially-inflated price and enforced scarcity of diamond, most jewel stones have become pricey. Today, we now need tips to buy an engagement ring worthy of our intending union.

In this write-up, we have listed the 7 tips to buy an engagement ring for the love life without any errors. Read on and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

1.) Look out for your partner’s style and personality

Everyone has their style and personality unique to just them and no one else. An excellent tip to consider while buying an engagement ring is to find out your partner’s style first. This could be done by asking the person directly or doing a bit of background check with close friends and family. Doing this increases the chances of buying a suitable engagement ring without much difficulty.

2.) Decide on your budget

Knowing your budget and planning around it is an important tip to buy an engagement ring. Most jewel rings, diamonds included, are actually worthless and not as rare as you would think. Unfortunately, jewelry corporations have monopoly in this market and influence the price as they deem fit. This means that if you’re getting an engagement ring, decide on a budget you’re willing to with easily.

While a typical 2-carat diamond costs thousands of dollars, the Sateur Stone costs about 1% of that amount but still delivers the same quality.

3.) Pick a suitable metal for the ring

Consider the ring metal type before buying an engagement ring. Silver, Yellow gold, Rose gold, White gold and Platinum are the best metals for an engagement ring. Anything different might mean unnecessary problems with your ring later on.

Ask questions about the wearer’s preferences which could be dependent on anything really. Whichever metal you settle for amongst the 5 options above, with a bit of luck, it’s bound to be a beautiful, sparkling beauty.

4.) Choose the ring setting that appeals most

Just like in picking a suitable metal to go with the ring, the setting of the ring is important too. Ideally, it should match the preferences and style of the wearer. It could be gaudy, subtle, or moderate – someone who works often with their hands won’t need a ring with a big, protruding stone.

5.) Work with a quality jeweler

When deciding on a ring, check out the quality of the jeweler. Do they have great reviews? What do people have to say about them? When you buy from a renowned jeweler, you’re increasing your chances of buying a quality stone that comes with guarantees.

Picking an engagement ring isn’t difficult as it seems, you only need to get in touch with a top brand that knows what they’re doing. Decide on whether you’ll visit a brick-and-mortar jeweler or order online.

6.) Know the basics about jewelry

A very important tip to buy an engagement ring is to have a foundational knowledge of jewelry. It can be quite helpful to know the basics at the very least. For stones, learn about the carat, cut, clarity, and color – dubbed the Four Cs of buying fine gemstones like diamond.

For metal, learn about carat and ounces. No knowledge is a waste as you’ll find out while shopping for an engagement ring.

7.) Decide on a stone

Deliberate on the best stone type for the engagement ring you will buy. From the Sateur Stone, to Moissanite, Diamond, Sapphire or Pearl, put your partner’s personality into consideration and making a choice won’t be so difficult.

For instance, the Sateur Stone ring makes an excellent choice of stone in terms of brilliance, quality, cut and pricing. With this ring, spending a ton of money on an engagement ring isn’t necessary. The Sateur Stone ring gives you the quality without the costs.

We expect that you’ll choose the best ring possible for your intended spouse now that you’re even more informed on engagement rings. Congratulations!

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